How your store might look

How your store might look:

Every Yankee Candle store is different. Some retailers have kiosks, some have stores and some have Yankee Candle products in stores that sell a mixture of other products as well. Generally, retailers use stands provided by Yankee Candle, particularly retailers in stores. Often, retailers with kiosks have to have specially designed stands that are particular to the shopping centre they are in.

There are however guidelines as to how to present the products in any store or kiosk. These guidelines allow for ease of viewing the different ranges and variations. Following these guidelines will allow you to keep in line with the other stores and allow a sense of recognition for the customer.

Below are some images from yankee Candle stores which you can use as an example of how the ranges should look and how to set out your store/kiosk.

the CUBE display offers 360 degree merchandising of both the fastest selling fragrances and the matching seasonal Accessories

This is a Cube Display from one of our retailers stores. Its a great small fixture on which you can put Accessories and Wax products that reflect the seasons or special consumer promotions

This is a larger display of Combination Units which have been set up to follow the Five families of Yankee Candle products

Fresh, Floral, Food and Spice, Fruit and Festive- The Five Fabulous Favourite Flavours as one of our children calls them,

Here is a display with a fabulous "outpost' used for merchandising special products or seasonal fragrances