Our Promise

The Yankee Candle® Fragrance Experience

There's a reason everyone loves our brand so much ... we share your passion for fragrance®. That's why we do everything possible to assure that every new experience with our fragrance is as good or better than the one before. It's not easy, but it's what helps make us the world’s favourite brand of premium scented candles.

Part of it is our devotion to quality. We continue a cherished legacy of superior craftsmanship that's been passed down through generations of chandlers (candle-makers) as a central part of our heritage and reputation. Yet, even as we honour the past, we are constantly developing new and better ways to enhance the lives of our customers.

We stay deeply attuned to the world of fragrance, searching for new flavours and scents that will resonate with our consumers. We seek out fragrance ideas that will evoke the pleasant memories and experiences of everyday life. And, once we've selected the right fragrance ideas, we go to levels that are unique in the candle industry to ensure the quality and consistency of the fragrance experience.

Performance Tested

Master perfumers develop Yankee Candle® fragrances for optimal performance in our products. All of our fragrances are rigorously screened, reviewed and tested by our highly experienced team of fragrance professionals to achieve the best strength and quality experience in store, as well as in use. This assures that the fragrance strength and quality is the same in the store and wherever you use it. We know you will accept nothing less, because your passion is our passion.

The Ultimate Fragrance Experience

Authentic. True-to-life. Bold. Long-lasting. Made with fragrance extracts and real essential oils, our scents are the standard by which all other fragrances are judged. Developed to take you on a journey to the familiar and unfamiliar, the known and the unknown, whether real or imagined, these scents span a range of fragrance categories, including specific fruits and flowers, fresh, clean and outdoor types, and festive fragrances that enhance the holiday season. These fragrances also encompass new, trendy or trend forward scents and concepts interspersed among classic favourites.

With every fragrance we introduce, our reputation is on the line. It is not enough for a Yankee® fragrance to be as good as our competitors' scents. It must be better, because it's what you expect of us ... and what we expect of ourselves. Each fragrance has to possess the realism, accuracy and pleasantness of the true flower, food, fruit, place, or experience that inspired it. This is the fragrance experience that has made Yankee Candle® the benchmark for quality in the candle world.