Dedicated Concessions Available in Australia and New Zealand

We are seeking new Authorised Concessions and Outlets

Our loyal and vociferous consumers are demanding that we widen the growing Network of Independent Outlets, and provide consumers with more choice of Yankee Candle products.


*Pathfinder Concessions available in Australia
*Yankee Candle is a leading Global Brand
*Yankee Candle is the local Category leader
*No initial Concession Fee (Pathfinders only)
*Reverse Royalties payable to you (Pathfinders only)
*Pathfinder Consignment deals available

We will provide you with
Over 90 stock Fragrances and Decor Accessories
EPOS and Stock Computer Systems
In-store Fixturing & Graphics
Launch and Promotions support
Local support and staff training 18 hours per day
“Shop in Shop” and Kiosk locations are available

CALL US TODAY ON 04202 17422 FOR AN APPOINTMENT or email 08 6143 6790

Questions and answers

What is a Pathfinder Concession

• In other Asia-Pacific countries Yankee Candle distribution is run on a Franchised Store basis. We have just started To develop this model as we now have achieved very good consumer recognition of what Yankee Candle is all about. We have appeared on National TV with TVSN, and had articles and product recognition in many of Australia’s Home Magazines and Mummy bloggers.

• We decided during 2014 to expand the opportunity and recognise that in the early days, there are advantages to buyers, in terms of the best locations, and fulfilling the consumers demand in the absence of other outlets. So, as it’s a new concept for Australia, its an untested opportunity in Australia. As a result we will learn best practices from our new partners. This means that we will NOT be charging a Franchise Fee, and instead of the Franchisee paying royalties, we will pay a Royalty to you by way of a monthly deduction from your stock invoices. These are the advantages and disadvantages of the Pathfinder Concession.

• Our Pathfinders will be offered a full website that looks very similar to our own website, with full e-commerce facilities. We pay the web development Company to set up the system for you so all you need to do is provide your own bank account information to receive all your takings. We will also help you with SEO, to drive more customers to your website and your store . You will be able to choose the name for the website, but for example be

• Our Pathfinders will be represented on our Partners Council for at least 3 years. Our Partners council will provide us with feedback about how we can improve every element of the Australian business, from Visual Merchandising to local advertising.

How long does a Pathfinder Deal run for

• There is a minimum term of the agreement for 2 years, but you can extend it by a further 5 years if you wish to, without payment of any Fee, and with the same Pathfinder rebate for the second period. If you do not wish to renew we will simply collect our fixtures and technology and you will have no further liability.

• Our regular Concession Agreements run for 5 years.

Who are we?

• We are YC Distribution (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Yankee Candle Company (Yankee Candle International) appointed us as their exclusive distributor of all Yankee Candle products in Australia and New Zealand.

• We have been trading in Australia since 2010, we only sell Yankee Candle fragranced products

• Our Director has been working with Yankee Candle products as a multiple giftware and furniture retailer for over 17 years. Our National Support Manager has been working with Yankee Candle for over 6 years, and our Distribution Team in Melbourne have been working with us since we opened in 2010.

Who are the Yankee Candle Company

• Yankee Candle Company is an American manufacturer of fragranced candles and non-flame products (Reed Diffusers, Car, handbag and room fragrancing)

• Yankee Candle have been trading for over 45 years and manufacture and sell almost $1Bn (that’s a billion dollars) of branded products every year.

• In the US and Europe Yankee Candle supply a number of their own stores (around 550) and around 28,000 other outlets. In Australia, we have supplied over 300 stores.

• Yankee Candle is the world’s leading supplier within this category, and is now part of one of the world’s leading Brand Companies (Jarden). It was purchased for over $1.8Bn in 2014.

How much money do I need to open a Yankee Candle Concession

• As we don’t charge an initial Franchise fee, you just need to purchase your opening stock from us. The key reason for the success of Yankee Candle worldwide has been the availability of a huge range of stock. We try and ensure that our customers have the broadest possible selection, and therefore offer the Australian consumer the best possible choice. At the moment, we carry almost 100 fragrances in our Iconic Apothecary Jars. We have a number of other ranges which includes Tumblers, Décor Candles, Reed Diffusers. Car Vent Sticks, several different styles of car fragrancers, room sprays and fragrancers, and much, much more. A Yankee Candle Concessionwill make an initial investment in stock of between $30,000 and $70,000.

What else do I need to spend

• You will need to take a lease on commercial premises, and you will need to pay rent and service charges to your landlord. If you own a store already, and the location meets our criteria, we will happily consider this location. Its hard to say what your rent will be, but you should allow for between $2,500 per month, and $10,000 per month.

• You will need to pay your staff, and you will need to do some local advertising

• You will get a 30 day credit account with us

What about the costs of shop fittings

• We will provide Yankee Candle branded fixtures for your Store- we charge a rental of $1 per year

What about the Computers and Printers

• We will provide Computers and Printers you need to get you started- we charge a rental of $1 per year for these

What about decorating the store

• We will provide you with Graphic Panels (at cost price) to suit your store, or the Graphic Files (no charge)

• You will need to provide ambient ceiling lighting and regular power outlets, but all our branded fixtures are pre-wired with LED lighting

• You will need to paint the walls, or provide wall coverings that are acceptable to your landlord, and to us

What about a shop sign for over the door?

We will provide you with the graphics for a shop sign, and help you to get it made to fit the size your landlord allows.

What can I call my Business

• You will need to form your own Proprietary Company and subject to the size of the store you may call your business either The Yankee Store ™ or “Yankee Candle ™“

Can I sell other products in my Yankee Candle store.

• Generally the answer to this question is no, but we are happy for you to sell other ancillary products up to a maximum of 10% of your stock value provide they are not displayed on Yankee Candle fixtures.

What is a Shop in Shop

“Shop in Shop” is a program where we encourage existing and established retailers to devote a minimum space to Yankee Candle products within an existing store. The terms of supply are the same as for a Concession except:

1. We do not provide a Royalty Rebate
2. Accounts are handled on our regular trade terms
3. Our Agreement may be terminated at any time
4. The rental for the fixtures and Technology is $500 per year and there is a $1000 set up fee for the technology, payable with your initial order
5. You do not need dedicated premises but you must only use our fixtures for Yankee Candle product
6. You must have a minimum of 5 fixtures (50 fragrances)

What is a Consignment arrangement

• With a consignment deal you only pay for your stock as you sell it. We ask you for an initial deposit of 50% of the stock value, as your stock sells you have to report your sales to us (by giving us remote access to the Computer) weekly, and you pay us at the beginning of each following week for sales you have made in the previous week. You have to pay us 50% of the total gross sales value and you must retain accurate records of your sales.

• In the event that you decide not to continue for any reason, you just give us 2 week’s notice and return all your full cartons of unsold stock and inventory, to us. We will send a representative to your store during the 2 week notice period and agree the stock count with you. We will then refund your deposit less the value of any stock we have supplied but you haven’t reported as sold and or paid us for. You must also return the Fixtures and the technology.

• If you are doing well with your sales and decide to increase your stock holding with further fixtures, you do not have to increase your stock deposit.

• The consignment deal is called the C50. Because you pay to us 50% of the gross selling price that you have received for the products.

• We will from time to time offer your special promotional pricing, which we will confirm in writing to you, that will help you top clear older and seasonal stock without any penalty.
With a C50 deal, there are further differences to the Pathfinder franchise

1. We do not provide a Royalty Rebate

2. You must pay us within 48 hours of the end of the trading week, (by Tuesday) without fail

3. Our Agreement may be terminated by either of us at any time

4. The rental for the fixtures and Technology is $1000 per year which must be paid annually in advance

5. There is a $1000 set up fee for the technology payable on your initial order

6. You must execute all documents for registration with the current PPSR legislation confirming that the stock is owned by us

7. You do not need dedicated premises for a C50 arrangement, but you must only use our fixtures for Yankee Candle product

8. You must have a minimum of 3 fixtures (30 fragrances)

What will I earn from my business

• We will never make financial representations to you of any sort. We are happy to discuss what our independent retailers are selling, and equally happy to put you in touch with some early adopters from all over the country. LPO’s, Gift Stores, Furniture Stores, Bedding Franchises, Candle Shops, Home Stores, and even Cafes.

Welcome to YC Distribution - The Exclusive Australian and New Zealand Distributor for Yankee Candle.



So are you thinking about how and why you might want to become a Franchisee or Outlet for Yankee Candle products?

Here are a few good reasons:

Our Concessions will carry the most comprehensive stock in the Region, with over 90 delectable fragrances

Our Concessions will have exclusive geographical areas.

Our Stores are fully branded

All our Concessions can run their own web sites, with guaranteed access to all our local stocks. (Held in a dedicated facility in Melbourne)

Our Store owners have the capability of building their own business with the backing of a locally and globally recognised Brand

There are over 25,000 independent Yankee Candle outlets around the world and over 140 Franchisees in Asia

Our Stores provide charitable support to

* Schools *

* Charities *

* Associations *

* Clubs *

Our Concessions receive inbound sales enquiries

Our outlets receive maximum support from us, including Training, Layout Design, Fixtures, Graphics, and EPOS technology to connect you directly to our warehousing in Melbourne.

Yankee Candle Australia is seeking new Concession outlets to widen our growing network, and to provide our Consumers with more local choices.

The benefits of having a Yankee Candle store in a shopping centre near to you, or even a POP UP store, will be:



1. Global Branding of the world's leading fragranced candle manufacturer

2. Direct Access to our local and International warehouses and production facilities

3. Full training in our Melbourne Centre

4. Special training in our US Manufacturing Facility in South Deerfield

5. Loyalty and special pricing incentives

6. Consumer Loyalty programs drawing regular repeat customers

7. Financial support for your store design and fit-out with financial support, including Branded fixtures, Signage, Graphics, and Project Management

8. EPOS Technology and support- we can supply a fully integrated system

9. Access to Web resources to help you build an on-line presence

10. Exclusive geography

11. National Promotion and Marketing

12. Access to limited editions and special products

13. First to market with all new fragrances and forms

14. 24/7 Support from our local office and Distribution centre

15. Regular Merchandising Training for your staff

16. Full support with product selection from over 2000 SKUs

17. Financial Support with your local promotions

18. Membership of the Fragrance Council of our Retailers

19. Local and International Conferences (at cost)

20. Help with staff and Entrepreneur development from our team


Don't delay, if you want to secure your space in one of the Countries leading shopping centres, please contact us. Email or call us on 08 6143 6792

Why wait a minute longer?


Just imagine how your store might look!