Our business has been established for over 25 years. For the past 18 years, our International partner at Strongtower Limited (UK) has been an Importer, Distributor and Retailer in the UK and European markets. As a candle importer and distributor we became aware of the Yankee Candle products around 16 years ago. We introduced them to our own shops slowly along with several other Candle manufacturer's products.

We were delighted that after over two years of research into the market across Australia and New Zealand, we were able to finalise our agreement with Yankee Candle Company that provides for us to carry millions of dollars of stock locally (in Melbourne) and for us to work closely with our retail partners to bring the wonderful range of fragranced products and beautiful accessories to Australian customers through a network of high quality and established retailers. Stuart, our Marketing Director relocated from the UK in 2010 to work with the Australian team to help build the ANZ business.

In the past 48 months we have provided stock to over five hundred retail outlets that are now distributing the Yankee Candle products, and we thank you for your support now we have closed